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Rest Assured

Your investment is our priority. Every investment has a variety of needs, and we work to better represent you in all aspects; from marketing to negotiations, lease agreements, maintenance coordination and much more--we're here to help. The team at Oaktree Property Management have the experience and industry know-how to assist you in protecting and maximizing your investment.

We understand that your investment property is more than just finding a tenant. We’ll employ marketing strategies and our industry connections to raise interest for your rental property and attract qualified applicants.

Our services include in-person, annual
inspections. We advise on regular maintenance needs, and complete a thorough turnover inspection, before and after tenancy. 

Interested applicants will be thoroughly screened to include credit checks, employment verification, rental history / references, eviction screening and criminal background checks as needed.

Please call or stop by to learn more about the ways we could bring you value and peace of mind to your property investment needs.

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